Scarlet, the Huntsman and the Wolf

Tonight as a change to my usual rambling about crap, I decided I’d share some of my writing with you instead.

This is NOT for the faint hearted, it’s a graphic sexual retelling of little red riding hood, and the wolf will be making an appearance, you have been warned!


Scarlet, the Huntsman and the Wolf



Scarlet stood in front of her dressing table, a large mahogany beauty that filled the cramped space. She smiled to herself as she brushed out her long blonde hair, letting it tumble free around her shoulders. Adjusting her breasts so they almost spilled over her tightly fitted red bodice she winked at her reflection. She threw her cloak over her shoulders fastened the silver clasp and raised the hood, hiding her appearance. At twenty-two, she was a beautiful woman who knew the power of her body.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs of her family’s small cottage, she retrieved a wicker basket of baked goods her mother had prepared. “I’m going to see gran,” she called out to anyone who was listening.

“Make sure you’re home before dark and stick to the trails,” a soft but warm voice responded.

Rolling her eyes at the warning she received every time, Scarlet left the house. She had no intention of keeping to the pebbled paths, and even less of actually visiting her gran. It was the huntsman, with his rough hands and stubbled good looks she planned to seek out.

As soon as the trees obscured her from view of the cottage, she loosened her cloak, revealing her milky flesh to anyone who might care to see it. She was only sorry the soft ground of the woods made heels impossible; her flat pumps didn’t show her legs to their full advantage in her opinion.

It wasn’t long before she heard the steady thunk of an axe splitting wood and knew she’d found her mark. Adjusting her ample chest once more, so the pale pink surrounding her nipples was just visible, she crossed the long grass to where the sound came from.

The huntsman’s trained ears heard Scarlet moments before he saw her, and what a sight she was. It wasn’t the first time he had seen her. The last time had been by pure accident, but it wasn’t a meeting he would soon forget. He taken her up against a tree, quickly and roughly, the gashes in his hands from the bark has taken days to heal. She’d loved every minute, as had he, but this time he planned to savour her.

“Well, well.” He smiled. “A young lady like you shouldn’t be alone out here. You never know who’s lurking… or what they might do to you.”

“So I’ve heard, Sir. I must remember to be more careful.” She returned his grin and didn’t slow her steps towards him. When she was just centimetres away, close enough to taste the delicate perfume she used, the axe dropped to the floor and the huntsman’s empty hands grabbed Scarlet’s waist.

Pulling her body into him, he kissed her hard. His tongue probing her mouth roughly. She returned his kisses with equal fervour, she was not as sweet and innocent and she liked to portray. Within moments the huntsman had her laid on the ground beneath his weight and was pulling at the laces on her bodice like a starved man about to be fed.

Moments later Scarlet’s unhindered breasts were exposed to the cool breeze, her nipples hardened at the sudden chill and the huntsman groaned at the sight. His fingers pulled and twisted the erect flesh, making them harden further still and causing Scarlet to writhe beneath him. Kneading one breast roughly, he took the other in his mouth, his course facial hair scratching against the skin, turning the smooth white a rosy red. He bit down on the tender flesh, softly at first then harder. Scarlet bucked and moaned, pushing herself into his face. His nails scratched at the perfect skin, and the huntsmen took a moment to marvel at the red tramlines left in their wake. He moved his lips to the other breast, teasing the nipple between his teeth, pulling it into his mouth until it was as hard as his straining erection.

Keeping his mouth at her sensitive breasts his hands roamed downward, her midi skirt already pushed up to her waist with the bucking of her hips. His harsh fingers soon found the sopping wet panties. Grinding his palm against Scarlet’s sex with all the force of kneading bread she moaned loader as he bit down at the same time.

Sitting back on his laurels the huntsman admired the sight beneath him. Her legs opened wide, the smooth pussy was clearly visible through the now see though underwear. He tore the material from her body and pushed her legs open wider. With one hand on her chest, he pinned her to the ground, the other explored the hot wetness that waited for him. Her clit was as hard as her now reddened nipples he would have sworn it vibrated with need. Pinching the tiny bud between his fingers his mouth found her breasts again and sucked at them hungrily.

He took his time, rubbing, pinching and flicking at her aching clit while teasing one nipple then the other. The more she moaned, cried and bucked the firmer his touch became. If she liked it rough, he was more than happy to oblige. The callouses on his hands only increased Scarlet’s pleasure, the tough skin excited her most delicate area.

Caressing her soaking folds with his fingers, he slipped two inside her easily. He wasted no time thrusting them in and out of until she bucked beneath him wildly. He showed no mercy as he abused her pussy, roughly bringing her to the brink of orgasm. He slowed his thrusts teasing her g-spot until her excitement shone between her thighs. Her breath came in short gasps and the huntsmen knew she was close. He withdrew his fingers and she cried out in frustration, writhing on the ground, desperate for release.  Seconds later when he slammed three fingers inside her, her cries turned to screams of ecstasy. Scarlet came heavily, soaking his hand and the grass beneath them.

When her sated body finally stilled on the ground, the huntsmen pulled free his erection. Pushing his charges legs open wider with his knees, he buried himself fully inside Scarlet in a single thrust. His wait had made him harder than she remembered and she raised her hips to meet him thrust for thrust. He slid in and out of her wet sex smoothly building towards a climax for both of them. As his drives became deeper and faster he bit down on her breast until she exploded around him and his seed was spent inside her.

They lay on the grass breathing heavily, their bodies worn and sleepy. Such was her comfort with her own body Scarlet didn’t even try to rearrange her clothes to cover herself. Despite the coolness of the breeze, the sun was warm on their bodies and they dozed side by side.

Half-asleep Scarlet was startled to feel something hot, wet and rough against her pussy, not sure if she was dreaming or awake she allowed herself to succumb to the feelings it evoked deep in her stomach. Only when her brain registered the snores of the huntsman did it occur to her that the warm wetness was too rough, too long and lapping at her swollen pussy too deeply.

Hardly daring to look down a scream strangled itself in her throat when she saw the shaggy head of a wolf between her legs. Trying to scrabble backwards away from the animal she froze when it looked up at her. Baring its teeth it growled throatily, then licked its wet muzzle. Terrified, Scarlet was unsure if her legs would bare her weight, and even more unsure of what the animal would do if she ran. She carried on trying to inch backwards, twigs and small rocks digging into the flesh of her buttocks.

Almost four feet away, she was convinced she could escape, just a few more feet and then she could make a run for it. The wild creature had other ideas. Springing forward it pinned her to the ground, its paws on her chest, the thick claws digging into the round flesh of her breasts. She cried out in fear, and thanks to the remaining sensitivity of the huntsman’s ministrations the lash of arousal. The animal held her to the ground and dipped its head between her legs once more. Hungrily lapping at the juices flowing from her pussy, the mix of both her and the huntsman didn’t deter the animal. Its long rough tongue licked inside and out. Long drawn out strokes against her pulsing clit, then short sharp stabs deep inside her.

Despite her fear and revulsion, Scarlet felt her pussy moisten once more; it knew no difference between what touched it, only that it ached for more. With no idea what else to do, she lay her head back on the grass and closed her eyes, widening her legs she saw only once choice. Enjoy what the creature did until it bored and she could escape.

The wetter her folds became the more the animal seemed to enjoy its task. Its attentions focused on her opening, lapping each drop of juice. Probing deeply inside her for more. The long tongue seemed to reach parts of her no one else ever had. The roughness drove her body to shake and gasp.  Opening her eyes, Scarlet was shocked to find the huntsman not only watching, but also pleasuring himself at the same time.

“Help me,” she whispered to him.

Not even breaking his grip or stride, he continued to masturbate to the sight before him. “There’s no stopping him, girl. Be good, and he’ll leave you be when he’s spent.” Grinning the huntsman moved toward her. “Might as well enjoy the show. Open your mouth, there’s a good girl.”

Doing as she was told, Scarlet allowed the huntsmen to push his member past her lips; she sucked at him hungrily while feeling her orgasm building. She tried not to gag as he forced himself deeper into her mouth, he was pulling her legs open wider, almost painfully so. The wolf’s licking was becoming more frantic, less controlled and Scarlet feared what might come next. As uncontrolled as it may be, the wolf had a habit of lashing out at her overly sensitive clit so she almost burst many a time. When her orgasm finally erupted, it was as though the wolf became crazed. It licked and nipped at her opening, trying to taste every drop of her come. When he forced his tongue further inside her, his teeth grazed her clit so she exploded almost instantly again.

When the licking stopped, the huntsmen too pulled away.

“Are you ready, girl?” he asked.

“For what?” Scarlet’s eyes widened at the wolf in front of her. It was moving forward, standing over her body, its huge cock, erect and like nothing she had seen before. Bigger than any mans, it was twice as thick and the base thicker and rounder still.

“He’s going to fuck you. Do not struggle those teeth could tear you apart. And so could its dick.”

The animal lowered its hindquarters, trying to stab itself inside Scarlet. Missing it barked in frustration. The huntsmen obviously dying to see the girl fucked by the wild animal came to its rescue. Holding her legs wide and shoving his jacket under her hips to raise them, he guided the animal into her waiting pussy. Despite his large girth, there was no gentle easing into her. As soon as the animal felt itself touching the wetness, it plunged in deeply. Scarlet screamed out as the animal stretched her pussy wide. Her lips ached with the force, her thighs screamed in protest. Within seconds, the animal was pumping itself inside her furiously. The pain of being stretched so wide was soon forgotten by Scarlet and the fullness inside her touched every sweet spot she had. Her body rose to another orgasm, and another after than in quick succession.

When the animal finally came, that too caused Scarlet to erupt herself, the hot seed jetted inside her, spilling out she was full. When the animal pulled out, he paused only a second before running back to wherever it came. Scarlet’s body ached with the roughness.

“Well my girl, you were a lucky find,” the huntsmen said. “Now my turn to finish off, then you’re coming home with me. I’m not done with you and I’m hoping he’ll be back for more as well.”

As the huntsman buried himself in her soaking pussy, Scarlet couldn’t help but hope for the same, only she hoped he bought friends too.



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