Are we getting too lazy for real sex?

I cant help but notice recently the rise in requests for cams, sexy pictures and dirty messages. Nice to know I warrant such messages of course, but whatever happened to actual meetings, coffee, dinner and the real thing?

Have we got too lazy to make the effort for the real thing when the internet means we can find our own porn stars to perform for us? Surely though, that can’t compete with actually finding someone you connect with to sleep with? When did porn stop being something we use to enhance a relationship, or because we don’t have one? When did it replace, relationships and actual sex?

Is a rise in people not wanting one night stands causing this? Is it just too messy when you don’t want a relationship, so cyber sex fills a gap with no risk? Or are we becoming a generation so lost in online contact were forgetting how to actually interact with people we take a liking to?

I can’t help but think we lead such busy lives, so complicated that we cant find the time to make actual relationships, our schedules don’t allow the face to face interaction, not to mention the joys of internet mean we discover people further afield that the next town.

Is meeting too complicated to take from messages we can take time to think over, to being put on the spot and having to show our real selves? Is that the fear? The thought who we really are might not be up to standard, that we might be rejected or disliked. Is fear and nervousness overtaking our senses and our lives?

This kind of follows on from my previous post, the urge for hook ups and lack of respect. we take a look, find someone attractive and then want naked pictures. We’re losing our ability to make connections to people, to see beyond their bodies, the hidden pleasure that is getting inside someones mind.

Is it really just me, because I’m pretty sure I get a lot more out of sex when i know what makes a person tick, how to get inside their head. I want to have sex and then a conversation in between before round two.

Virtual reality sex may make it big yet, then we could eliminate interaction all together. Is contact doomed?



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