The Club

Another of my short stories for you all, well part of one anyway 😉


Adjusting the tiny black, leather mini skirt to ensure no one can see there’s nothing underneath I walk into the club, my red high heels clicking against the foyer floor even over the beat of the music from inside.

I know you’ll be beside the bar, but as I stalk over I don’t look in your direction. When the barman brings my drink I slip the straw between my red painted lips and watch the room. I can feel your eyes on me and lean back against the bar, my skirt sliding a little higher.  This time I don’t adjust it, let the world see what’s beneath, as long as you do too.

I place my bottle on the polished wood surface, the stain of my lips visible on the clean white plastic of the straw, and walk back towards the exit. Your gaze burns into my skin and knowing you watch me so intently excites me.

I smile to the doorman and slip into the alleyway beside the club. I slow my steps, listening intently. Not hard enough though, as your hand pulls my hair backwards I feel your lips on my neck, then your teeth.

“You’re such a tease, you know that?” Your voice is low and hard, just as I can feel you are, digging in between the cheeks of my exposed ass. My skirt has ridden up way beyond decency.

Something soft covers my eyes and I feel your hand snake between my legs.

“I knew you’d be wet for me. Don’t say a word, just walk.”

Your strong hand pushes me forward, resting in the small of my back to guide me. I can hear the sound of a car unlocking a few feet ahead of us, and your voice barely above a whisper in my ear.

“Get in the car, quickly, your pussy is on show for all to see and you’re being watched.”

When you open the door, I fumble into the seat, trying to keep myself covered but knowing it’s not working, whoever is watching can see everything I have. When you reach across to clip in the seat belt I feel the gentle bite again my nipple, the low cut top I’m wearing giving no protection. The second bite is harder and I gasp in pain and excitement.

I cross my legs to ease the burning ache between them as the engine roars into life.

“Oh, nearly forgot something.” I can hear the laughter in your voice.

Your strong hands pull my legs apart, fingers robing into the wetness, something hard and sphere shaped is pushed inside my, you don’t take care to be gentle, there’s no need I’m so ready for you, then a second connected object follows. Then they start to vibrate and my fingers dig into the seat, my teeth gritted to prevent myself crying out.

“I’m going to take you to the middle of nowhere bitch, then I’m going to cane you until your arse is red raw, and fuck you on the bonnet of the car. And I don’t care who sees you. You’re about to learn what happens to little girls who tease.”

As you start to drive it’s all I can do to stop myself orgasming there and then, the vibrations, the fullness and what’s coming next…


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