Orgasmic Review: Rocks off 80, “Precious Golden Passion”

From the moment I got my dispatch notice for the precious golden passion, I was excited. It looks like every girl’s best friend, glitzy gold and 7 speed! When it arrived I wasn’t disappointed. On opening the box, it looks like the Prada of sex toys, expensive and classy. I also love how the bevelled effect is actually there, I was expecting it to be smooth, but it really feels like it’s been dipped in glitter, an excellent added sensation.

After the obligatory hand test of the settings, (and yes I tested it on the tip of my nose too, achoo, achoo) I was even more impressed. It is POWERFUL, and the phrase “7 speed” doesn’t seem to do the settings justice, it vibrates, vibrates faster, and faster… it also has pulse settings, it has pulsing pulse settings, I was wet before I got it to the bedroom.

Downside at this point, in the silence of a bedroom, it is noisier than your average bullet, not wake the neighbours noisy, but definitely hide under the duvet and turn the TV on so the kids don’t hear.

So, lets slide under the duvet, with the joy of Glee in the background and see what this beauty can do. After I got momentarily distracted by which setting to start with, I decided the only fair way to enjoy my new toy was to scroll through them all. Each and every one is a joy, though in the throes of excitement the button can be a little awkward to push just right. Slightly annoying, but with a little practice, I’m sure the right position will soon be second nature.

I’ve owned other bullets and without a doubt even on the golden’s, gentlest setting it’s much more powerful. So much so on its strongest I swear it feels like little bolts of electricity are being sent through you, in a good way of course. The pulse settings do however feel very similar to each other, while a big difference in hand its much less noticeable “in bed”.

I gave this little gem 40 minutes of my time, it gave me three orgasms and a very happy, if a little numb, pussy. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting something small and powerful, if I could only own one sex toy, it would be this.golden passion


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